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Incident Preparedness & Response

Be ready to tackle any challenge head-on with our comprehensive suite of proactive measures and swift, effective responses.

Plan, identify, contain, correct and recover cyber incidents with deep forensic knowledge

Our incident response and forensic solutions help you accelerate the investigation and maximize the potential use of digital evidence, minimizing the cost of forensic investigations during security incidents. We do this by helping you identify, investigate, and respond to breaches faster than ever before.


Assisting companies plan, prepare for and respond to major incidents.

We guide businesses to digital success through comprehensive security expertise and collective insight.

On Demand Forensic | Incident Response Retainer

Our forensic retention and incident response service helps you speed up the investigation and maximize the potential use of digital evidence, while minimizing the cost of forensic investigations during security incidents.

Security Incident Response Planning Services

When an attack occurs, you need an incident response plan that proactively empowers and future-proofs your business. Dealing with cyber threats requires adequate staffing and procedures, we have established a detailed plan that you can rely on for step-by-step guidance after a cyber attack.

Cyber crisis management

During a crisis, a trusted partner is invaluable. We provide services to plan, deploy, test and execute corporate crisis management and response activities, including public relations advice and communications with employees, customers and other stakeholders.

Cyber Tabletop Exercises

If you haven't tested your incident management program, you may not be prepared when attackers strike. Cyber incident simulations are essential to prevent your organization from being caught by surprise. We test your people, processes and technology with Realistic Cyber Incident Simulations to prepare before a disaster strikes.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

At ATHSec, we work with you to ensure you have the most effective plans to support your business continuity. These plans are designed to help you prioritize continuity strategies before an incident based on pre-established business availability objectives.

Compromise Assessment

We can help you quickly determine whether your organization is compromised or showing signs of previous cyber incidents. Our threat-informed approach and security experts help you uncover threat actors that may be hiding in your environment. Gain visibility and identify potential compromises in your environment.


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